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The metalworking industry uses fluids for many different applications, such as machining, stamping, and grinding. Metalworking fluids can serve as coolants or lubricants, depending on the situation. A large number of processes in the industry can be improved through the use of a high performance fluid — yet few companies place a priority on finding a quality cutting fluid or coolant, and think of coolant as an “unnecessary evil.”

At Triumph Tool, we believe in the importance of offering superior technical support and customer service to our clients. We have written this article as an overview of the benefits of high performance metalworking fluids, which Blaser refers to as “The Liquid Tool ®”.  We hope it will be a useful resource! Please leave a comment below or contact us if you have questions or feedback.

Blaser Swisslube – The Liquid Tool ®

The Liquid Tool from Blaser Swisslube in barrel formBlaser Swisslube, owned and operated by the Blaser family and based out of Switzerland, is a worldwide leader of high performance fluids for the metalworking industry, including water soluble coolants, cutting oils, grinding oils and more. Blaser maintains a very high level of focus on R&D and product safety while taking a holistic approach to the marketplace.

Blaser Swisslube’s The Liquid Tool ® is a unique value offering for customers in the metalworking industry. Blaser’s customized solution is able to simultaneously improve a customer’s total productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality.

The Liquid Tool ® consists of a unique mix of:

  • State of the art products, including cutting fluids and cutting oils
  • Our Services in the Drum (SITD), which includes:
    • Application and consulting know-how
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Customer training (offered both onsite and at Blaser’s facility)

Advantages of The Liquid Tool ®

There are four main areas where The Liquid Tool ® from Blaser can offer an advantage:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Extended tool life
  • Better surface quality

The operating costs of equipment that use high performance metalworking fluid will be substantially lower than the same equipment using ordinary fluids. Although your initial purchase point may be higher, a high performance fluid can decrease the disposal costs and usage costs of your system. Usage costs will be impacted by both maintenance and the costs of replacing tools over time — which we’ll address below!

Using a high performance metalworking fluid can increase the productivity of your industrial process. The excellent lubricity of high performance fluids from Blaser Swisslube can allow for higher cutting speeds and improved cycle time — which means less down time and more throughput of products out the door, making you profits.

Blaser’s products have also been proven to extend tool life, requiring less tool changes and decreasing the overall costs of your operating system as a result. Finally, these high performance metalworking fluids can dramatically improve the surface quality of your finished products.

How do we prove this to you?


We make the time to fully understand your current manufacturing conditions with fluids, cutting tools, machines and processes. We document all the data as a base point so that we can identify where the improvements can be made.


We bring in all the data gathered into our LTA (Liquid Tool Analyzer) to compare current conditions to potential conditions using our products. The LTA  is a program developed by Blaser to dive deep into the costs of your operation, looking at not only coolant conditions but tool life, cycle time and any other manufacturing costs.

Value Proposal:  

We will present our findings from the LTA to all the stakeholders within your company to review, understand and to recieve a commitment to move forward to test our product.


We feel that the only true way to prove that what we say is true is to test it.  Our team will be involved with the test from the very beginning to ensure that the proper training and procedures are in place. We will help with the cleaning and initial charge-up of the machine and will also assist with the data collection.

Value Communication:  

After completing testing for the mutually agreed upon duration, we will record the actual test data into our LTA, in order to provide a comparison. Finally, we will review the results together and to ensure a full understanding of the savings that are presented.

Browse the full range of Blaser product lines to see different options.

See some of our Blaser Swisslube’s successes here.

Do you have any questions about high performance coolants, cutting oils or other metalworking fluids? Contact the team at Triumph Tool today to learn more.

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  • kyle johnson

    I knew nothing about metalworking fluid before reading this article. It was interesting to learn that this type of fluid can help you to improve performance with your metal work. I hope this article can help us to know how to avoid poor efficiency within our warehouse in the future.

  • Margaux Ford

    You make a good point in explaining the benefits of metalworking fluid because it lowers operating costs and increases productivity. My husband works for his family’s construction company, and this is a good advice that I can share with him. It’s good you mentioned that metalworking fluid also extends tool life and provides better surface quality. Thanks for the tips!

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