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There are so many challenges facing machining organizations today. In order to provide optimum machining efficiencies and lower the overall cost of production, high performance tool holding must be considered.

Triumph has, and always will, offer tool holding options in a good, better, and best offering. Our product range covers the spectrum from mature technology like basic Collet Chucks and End Mill Holders to high performance Shrink Fit Holders, Hydraulic Chucks, Coromant Capto, powRgrip Chucks, milling chucks, and more — depending on the conditions, there is a place for all of them.

We can help optimize tool holding for any set of circumstances.

Modern Tooling Solutions

When purchasing a new, modern machining center or multi-task machine, machining organizations should definitely consider the benefits of the most modern tool holding solutions available.

Too often we find ourselves with a customer who has blown their budget on the machine tool and then has to scrimp on the tool holders. With the high spindle speeds, table speeds, and accuracy of today’s modern machines, you can’t afford old technology in tool holding if throughput is to be optimized.

High Performance Rotating Tool Holders

Triumph offers high performance tool holding products for modern machining centers with ALL back-end adaptations, including a comprehensive range from each of the following manufacturers:

  • Big Kaiser
    • BIG-PLUS® tooling, Milling Chucks, and more.
  • Haimer USA
    • Shrink Fit holders, including Power Shrink, the new Basic Line, and Safe-Lock™ — as well as a full range of Shrink Fit Machines and Balancing Systems, and more.
    • High performance tool holders including 3D printed slim profile hydraulic chucks as well as standard holders for machining with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).
  • Parlec
    • Tool holders including ERos® high performance collet chucks.
  • Rego-Fix
    • powRgrip® tooling and clamping units, highly accurate ER collet chucks, collets, collet nuts, and accessories.
  • Sandvik Coromant
    • Coromant Capto®, CoroChuck™ 930, multi-task adapters, and Silent Tools® with a dampening mechanism and more.
  • Schunk
    • TENDO Hydraulics, including the TENDO-E compact, TRIBOS Polygonal Toolholder, and more.

Triumph can help with the shortest requirements (e.g. Zero-Z CAT 40 collet chucks from Rego-Fix) to the longest requirements with integral or built up tools while taking into consideration optimizing gauge length.

Whatever your high performance tooling needs, Triumph can help you improve your tool holding to keep your production running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more.

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