Miniature Tooling – Solving Some of Our Industry’s Toughest Challenges

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Over time, as components from all segments of our industry get smaller and smaller, the need for miniature tooling is ever-growing. You can solve some of your toughest machining challenges in the mold & die, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, electronic industries, and more, with miniature tooling.

Miniature tooling includes solid carbide end mills, drills, chamfering and deburring tools, threadmills, undercutting tools, and so much more.

Tools that recently would be considered ‘specials’ are now available from stock as standard tools. Miniature tooling roughly covers a diameter range from .001” to .250” and are readily available in both imperial and metric diameters — and they come as standards in a wide variety of lengths (eg. end mills in more than 15 different lengths – up to 30XD!).

Miniature tooling geometries and coatings have undergone tremendous advancements in recent years and now allow considerably higher metal removal rates, compared with older technology.

Additional miniature tooling benefit: extends tool life and improves surface finishes!

Miniature tools are available with a wide variety of coatings for different purposes, including AlTiN for alloy steels, ZrN for abrasive non-ferrous alloys, DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) for graphite, and many more.

Triumph Tool & Harvey Tool Company

Triumph Tool is well-positioned to provide all of your miniature tooling needs from our host of supplier partners, leading with Harvey Tool Company.

Harvey Tool offers:

  • A unique selection of over 19,000 miniature and specialty cutting tools that are fully stocked.
  • A tool range including 172 unique product lines!
  • Tremendous technical support, including speeds and feeds on its website.
  • A catalogue release in the spring and fall of each year where they introduce hundreds of new tools. This past fall, Harvey Tool added some 2100 new items to its product profile!

Harvey Tool offers precision machining companies the solutions that they need most!

Be sure to get your Fall 2017 Harvey Tool Catalog from Triumph, and get on our mailing list to ensure that you always have the latest on hand.

“We’ve been using Harvey Tools since we opened in 2006. Whether we’re cutting aluminum, copper, plastics, or tool steel,
the speeds and feeds provided by Harvey Tool have never let us down. They are our go-to supplier for micro tooling.”
―K.M. – Edmonton AB, Canada

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Harvey Tool catalogue, let the team at Triumph know and we’ll work to offer you a solution from our host of complementary suppliers.

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