The Benefits of Replaceable-Tip Drills

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The Benefits of Replaceable-Tip Drills


It’s pretty much accepted that drilling is the process that is performed the most in machining, whether by machining centers, CNC lathes, or dedicated drilling machines. Cost-per-hole, hole quality, and hole completion are key considerations in selecting the right drill and process. Related processes, such as reaming, chamfering, and boring/counterboring can be readily performed as you drill and are often combined in one tool.

Replaceable-tip drills are an extremely productive, accurate and economical option for drilling. A single tool body can hold a variety of tips with varying geometries and sizes, allowing greater flexibility for optimum performance across multiple materials and applications.

Tool Holders:

Tool Holders are offered in numerous diameter-to-depth ratios, including 3xD, 5xD, 7xD, and 10xD. Holder designs come in both straight and helical fluted options. Tool holders are typically available in imperial and metric shanks and also come in cylindrical and flanged with a flat.

Drill Tips:

Drill tips can vary based on substrate, coatings, and geometry depending on the application for which they are designed.

  • The steel materials geometry drill tip is designed to provide increased penetration and excellent chip control. It is ideal for low and medium carbon and alloy steels.
  • The iron and cast geometry includes a corner radius for improved hole finish and heat dispersion, and is designed for cast and nodular iron applications.
  • The multi-purpose geometry is designed for softer materials, including aluminum, brass, and copper applications. It yields excellent chip control.

Expanded Application:

While replaceable-tip drills are popular for their cost savings, the knock on them has been they are only good for certain applications. However, advances in coatings and geometries, as well as improvements in machine tools, have led to increased applications for replaceable-tip drills.

Regrind or Not?

One of the key benefits of modular drills is that users can choose to eliminate the regrinding of worn tools. While some shops still choose to regrind replaceable tips to extend overall tool life, omitting that process increases the tools’ financial viability by reducing the cost-per-part and eliminating the need to ship worn drills to a re-sharpener. If you are in need of a regrind, Triumph Tool is able to do it for you!

Preserving Body Life:

Another advantage of replaceable-tip drills is using one tool body for an extended period of time. But while the concept of buying one drill body and an infinite number of heads and being set for life is appealing, as with any tooling, wear and tear on the drill body eventually take their toll.

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