Eppinger’s mission is to provide their customers with reliable and sustainable interfaces between the machine and the workpiece. EXSYS is the North American agent for Eppinger.

Eppinger tool holders have been known for their precision and reliability through the years. Thus ensuring the maximum productivity from your CNC Machines.

EXSYS is also the agent for the industry leading Lehman CNC rotary tables

Eppinger – Product Lines

  • Live Rotary Tooling for CNC Lathes
  • PRECI-FLEX® Quick Change System for Live Tooling
  • DECOFLEX® rotary Tooling for Swiss Turning Centers
  • Compacto Quick Change System for Live Tooling
  • Non-Rotating BMT Static holders
  • Non-Rotating Static Holders
  • Non-Rotating Driven Tools
  • Stationary CNC Rotary Tables


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