Haimer is a world leader in tool holders, inductive shrink fit technology for tool holders, balancing technology for tool holders, 3-D sensors and  cutting tools.

Haimer- Product Lines

  • Shrink Fit Systems
  • Shrink Fit Tool Holders
  • Safe-Lock™ Tool Holders
  • HSK, CAT, BT and Haimer Capto™ shank tooling
  • Multi-Task Tooling
  • Precision Collet Chucks & Collets
  • Collet extensions
  • Retention Knobs, Coolant Tubes and other accessories
  • Balancing Machines
  • Balanceable Tool Holders & Grinding Wheel Adapters
  • 3D-Sensors
  • High Performance and Safe Lock End Mills
  • Tooling Cabinets


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