Schunk  is among the world’s best when it comes to clamping technology. The Schunk offering includes a wide assortment of tool holding and workholding (rotating and stationary) products . Schunk recognizes and develops standards with a large potential for the future, which will drive the rapid progress in many industries. Schunk customers benefit from the expert knowledge, the experience and the team spirit of more than 2.500 employees in this innovative family-owned company.

Schunk – Product Lines

  • TENDO Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders
  • TENDO-E Compact Expansion Toolholders
  • TRIBOS Polygonal Toolholder System
  • SINO-R Expansion Toolholder
  • Intermediate Sleeves
  • Rotating Balanceable Tooling  
  • Rotating CAT Shank Tooling
  • Rotating HSK Shank Tooling
  • Rotating Hydraulic Chucks
  • Rotating Milling Chucks
  • Rotating Trammable Holders
  • Collets
  • Coolant Tubes
  • Tool Setting Fixtures
  • Manual Lathe Chucks
  • Power Lathe Chucks with Jaw Quick-Change System
  • Power Lathe Chucks with Through-Hole
  • Quick Change Chucks
  • Chuck Jaws
  • Soft Top Jaws
  • Base Jaws
  • Hard Stepped Top Jaws
  • T-Nuts
  • Steady Rests
  • Hydraulic Workholding Arbors
  • VERO-S Modular Quick Change Pallet System
  • Tandem Hydraulic Stationary Workholding Devices
  • Tandem Pneumatic Stationary Workholding Devices
  • Stationary Tombstones
  • Stationary Tombstone Vises
  • Stationary 5 Axis
  • Magnet Clamping Technology
  • Engineered Solutions


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