STF Precision


STF Precision is a leading manufacturer of diamond-tipped cutting tools, including polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) and single-crystal diamond tools (SCD). They excel at manufacturing high-tolerance specials and hard-to-produce cutting tools for machining difficult-to-machine materials such as high-silicon aluminum,

STF Precision has the equipment and experience to design, manufacture and regrind tooling for a wide variety of applications, including multi-diameter plunge tools, profile milling, face milling, turning, boring and grooving.

STF Precision – Product Lines

  • PCD Tipped Tooling
  • PCD Tipped Multi-Diameter Tooling
  • PCD Tipped Port Cutters
  • PCD Tipped Drills
  • PCD Tipped End Mills
  • CBN and PCD Indexable Inserts,
  • High Performance Reamers
  • Plastic and Composite Tooling
  • Special Indexable Pocketed Tooling
  • PCD Tipped Tool Reconditioning


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