Today, more than 16,000 installations in 44 countries rely on SupplyPro's Inventory Management Solutions to improve the availability, tracking and control of over 60 million SKU's. The customized solutions combine the most flexible inventory management systems available with industry-leading intelligence software to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce inventory costs.

SupplyPro’s rugged equipment provides whatever level of access, control and tracking you need – from single item, multi SKU, and weight-based, to compartment, door, and lid-level, to consumables, returnables, tools and calibrated items – SupplyPro has it covered.

SupplyPro’s Product & Technology offering coupled with Triumph’s Tool Management Services can save you up to 30% or more in total cost of ownership of indirect spend on tooling and related items.

SupplyPro- Product Lines

  • Tool Dispensing Equipment
  • Tool Dispensing Systems
  • SupplyLink™ Controllers
  • SmartDrawer®  Storage System
  • SupplyBay® Storage System
  • SupplyLocker™ Storage System
  • SupplyAgent®  Storage System
  • SupplyLock™ Customized Control for existing cabinets
  • SupplyPad®  Handheld Device
  • SupplyPort Inventory Management Software
  • SupplyPro Virtual Inventory Management (VIM™)
  • SupplyScale®  and SecureBin™  Weight-based Sensing Technology
  • Single Box Dispenser™ II (SBDII) System  


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